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Compensation for man assaulted by bouncers

Mr W (44) was on a night out with his family, when he was subjected to an unprovoked assault by bouncers outside a nightclub on Silver Street.

After being punched in the face several times, Mr W was thrown to the ground. One bouncer sat on his legs while another knelt on his neck, repeatedly punching him.

To add insult to injury, Mr W then suffered the trauma of being arrested. However, once police had reviewed CCTV they were happy to release him without charge.

Soon after arriving home, Mr W collapsed and had to be taken to hospital. His face was swollen and bruised, but fortunately there were no broken bones. The cause of his collapse was unknown.

The assault had left him with cuts and bruising to his face and head, temporary damage to his eye, blurred vision, and fractures to three of his front teeth.

Mr W visited his dentist who capped two of his teeth. However, the caps came away several times.

Atherton Godfrey was recommended to Mr W, as a law firm that specialised in recovering personal injury compensation. The firm was able to offer a conditional fee agreement, commonly known as a `no win no fee’ agreement – meaning that Mr W would not need to pay anything to pursue his claim.

Maria Dallas, chartered legal executive, recovered £13,000 compensation for Mr W.

How is the amount of compensation worked out?

It takes skill and experience to accurately assess the correct amount of damages for each claim. No two claims are the same, even with the same injury; many other factors have to be considered.

To assess the injuries and recovery periods, we had a medical expert examine Mr W and a dental expert to determine the extent of damage to his teeth and appropriate treatment.

The dental report allowed us to secure sufficient compensation to fund future dental work; either crowns or veneers.

We also recovered lost earnings, the dental charges Mr W had already paid as well as the cost of travelling to and from the hospital and dental appointments.

Pain, Suffering and Loss of Amenity – is a standard ‘head of claim’ that allows us to recover an amount in addition to the amount we recover for actual and future losses.

This particular case was pursued on the basis of vicarious liability – which effectively means that an employer is held liable for the actions of an employee. In this case, the security firm was held liable for the actions of the bouncers.