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Happy bonfire night – safety tips

Have a safe and happy bonfire night.

November is upon us and with it comes shorter days, darker nights and of course bonfire night!  It’s an exciting time when family and friends get together, lighting fireworks and bonfires and enjoying themselves.

It can also be a dangerous time.  So, whether you are storing and/or selling fireworks, or organising firework displays, guidance is available to help you undertake these activities safely – see The Health & Safety Executive website.

If you are thinking of having a bonfire or fireworks in your garden always think – safety first.

Here are some of our top tips for a safe enjoyable night for everyone:

  • Plan your firework display in advance – where people will be, where the fire/fireworks will be etc
  • Check the safety instructions on all the packaging, including safe distances required for each firework
  • Store fireworks securely and keep away from naked flames and cigarettes
  • Use a torch if necessary
  • Keep children and spectators away from the fireworks
  • Direct any fireworks well away from spectators
  • Never return to the firework to check if it has been lit
  • Position bonfires away from buildings, fences, hedging or trees – bonfires can get out of control very quickly
  • Always ensure that you check and monitor weather conditions, especially if strong winds are expected
  • Ensure pets are safe and secure and not left outside

Have a happy bonfire night – and stay safe!