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Know your rights when buying a car from a dealership

Author: Asia Munir

Are you experiencing problems with a vehicle you’ve bought from a car dealership? Has your car broken down or are you having persistent issues?

Many people are unaware of their legal rights in these situations.

Consumer Rights Act

Under the Consumer Rights Act (“the Act”) you are entitled to receive goods that are of satisfactory quality (taking into account the age, price, make and model of car), are fit for purpose and are as described in any advertisements.

The right to reject

You have the right to reject the vehicle within the first 30 days after transfer of ownership if it falls foul of any of the above.

The Act allows you to reject the goods in the short-term and treat the contract as having come to an end; the trader then has a duty to give you a refund.

If you experience problems after the first 30 days, then you are entitled to a repair of the car if the trader is responsible for the faults. Your rights are protected for a period of 6 years under the Act. But a word of caution, the longer you’ve had the car, the harder it is to prove that the problem was there when you purchased the car from the dealership.

If the repair doesn’t resolve the problem, or another problem develops, then you do not have to accept a second repair.  Instead, you can reject the goods and request a refund. If you exercise your right to reject then any refund is likely to be reduced for use of the vehicle whilst it was in your ownership.

Legal support

We have successfully helped clients to get refunds where they have experienced persistent problems or vehicle breakdowns and the dealership has been unwilling to resolve the matter. If you are in this position and would like advice, please contact our Dispute Resolution team on 01302 320621.