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Road accident compensation: woman secures £1m

A Manchester woman  who was left immobilised after a road traffic accident has finally been awarded more than £1 million in compensation.

The lengthy legal battle began in 2014 when the woman suffered complex fractures of her hip and ankle, along with multiple rib fractures. Her injuries were so severe that she was left unable to walk without crutches and unable to get around her home.

As is common in complex injury cases, the woman’s solicitor was able to secure an interim payment from the defendant which allowed her to move into a rented bungalow.

Diane Parker, head of personal injury at Atherton Godfrey, explains: “Interim payments are an essential element of complex injury compensation claims.  Lawyers secure these payments while the long-term effects are assessed by the various experts we engage.

“Often, clients have been badly injured and need specialist treatment, adaptations to their home or, as in this case,  more suitable  accommodation. It would be wholly unacceptable for them to have to wait until their claim is finalised,  which could be several years, before they are able to get the support they need. “

Unfortunately, there were further complications in this particular case. Being immobilised for such a long time led to the woman gaining a substantial amount of weight which put her at too high risk to undergo the hip surgery she was waiting for. In the end, the client’s legal team engaged a bariatric surgeon to help her lose sufficient weight to be able to have the hip replacement surgery.

Ms Parker added: “Hopefully,  the hip surgery will allow a return to full mobility and the compensation award will provide the financial stability needed to be able to rebuild her life.”

The woman is to receive a compensation package totalling £1,080,000.