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Cycling accidents increasing during lockdown

The rising number of cycling accidents has led police to urge all road users to be more aware of each other and share the roads safely.

Cycling has become more popular over the last few years not just for recreation but for the daily commute. This has again increased dramatically in the present Covid19 climate, where we are looking to avoid the use of public transport. There has been a visible increase in cycles using the roads, from families and novice riders to the more experienced cyclist.

Sadly though, this had led to a rise in the number of accidents. Police are reporting that crashes involving cycles have gone up almost 30 percent in some areas since the lockdown measures were introduced.

Frances Crabtree, personal injury chartered legal executive commented: “Having dealt with several Cycling UK claims in the past, I know only too well that cyclists are extremely vulnerable road users and cycling accidents can cause severe and often life changing injuries, particularly if the cyclist is hit by a vehicle.”

This was highlighted in a recent incident where a 16-year-old cyclist was critically injured when he was knocked off his cycle by two cars. Police believe the boy was in collision with one of the cars, and was then struck by the other car that was travelling close behind. Neither driver stopped at the scene, but were both later arrested.

Katrina Elsey, personal injury lawyer added: “There are lots of people who due to lockdown have purchased cycles and now use them as part of their daily exercise regime.

The lovely weather we’ve experienced over the past few months has also brought out more cyclists, particularly young families.

Unfortunately, this now coincides with the increase in people returning to work and the rising volume of traffic on the road. Therefore, it is essential that both drivers and cyclists take extra care when out and about. If everyone sticks to the rules the chances of being involved in an accident are significantly reduced.”

Cycle safety checks

New cycle owners should check the safety of their bike, making sure it meets quality standards and isn’t defective, particularly if it’s been bought second hand or online.

All cycle owners should carry out regular safety checks to ensure their cycle remains in a roadworthy condition. Obvious checks include looking for wear on tyres and checking brake reliability. Nuts and screws should also be checked as they can work lose over time.

Tips for safer cycling

Brake, the road safety charity has some useful advice for safer cycling

Legal support

If you have been injured in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Call and speak to our friendly team for more details – 01302 320621 or email  and we can call you back