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Domestic violence victims spared trauma of cross examination by abuser

Under new government proposals, survivors of domestic abuse may now be able to avoid having to come face to face with their abuser in court proceedings.

“It is a matter of urgency that the government prioritises the implementation of the ban on this abhorrent practice, be it through the Courts Bill or the Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill,” Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid said. “Survivors must be able to safely access justice, in both the criminal and family courts, in their escape from domestic abuse.”

Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, said the government was also committed to making sure no one who needs a place at a refuge is turned away, as two women are killed by a current or former partner each week in England and Wales.

Given the recent relaxation of the requirements which need to be satisfied to obtain Legal Aid to be represented in family proceedings victims this means that a wider range of people are able to access legal support in what can be very difficult time in their lives.

If you are the victim of domestic abuse and are the subject of ongoing family court proceedings please do not hesitate to make contact with our dedicated specialist family law department to establish ways in which you can be supported.

If you have previously sought to access legal aid and have been denied due to lack of evidence please feel free to make enquiries with us as to whether, given a relaxation in the requirements, your eligibility may have since changed.

Contact us on 01302 320621 or alternatively email for confidential advice.

Author: Jayne Kirtley