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Green Deal Home Improvement Fund payments withheld

Homeowners and landlords are tackling the government in a bid to recover money promised to them under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

Under the scheme, householders, tenants and private landlords could apply for funding to help make energy saving home improvements, including insulation, double glazing, solar panels and boiler upgrades and claim up to 75% of the cost back from the government.

The scheme, which ran between 2014 and 2015, promised thousands of home owners help towards improvements to help drive down energy bills and make homes more energy efficient. Instead, many of them have been left to foot the entire bill for the improvements.

Asia Munir, one of our dispute resolution solicitors, said: “We are aware of a number of homeowners who were issued with a voucher and are yet to receive payment. Under the terms and conditions of the scheme, the government is to use reasonable endeavours to make incentive payments within 10 days of receiving completed voucher redemptions. However, many still have not received payment; some have been chasing the government since 2015.”

Anyone who is still awaiting payment after correctly submitting the vouchers and invoices can contact Atherton Godfrey for help recovering the payments that are owed to them.

Call 01302 320621 or email