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Fairground and theme park accidents

Author: Katrina Elsey

Over the last few years within the UK there have been a number of reported theme park and fairground accidents.

With the 6 weeks summer holidays fast approaching many families will be planning trips to fairgrounds and popular theme parks. Unfortunately, a small percentage of visitors do find themselves involved in accidents sometimes resulting in serious injury or death.

Many accidents at theme parks do not just involve the actual rides, sometimes a visitor could trip, slip or fall on a spillage at the theme park or may suffer food poisoning whilst eating at the premises.

Whilst operators of fairground rides and theme parks are subject to stringent health and safety regulations within the UK, accidents can and still do occur.

Katrina Elsey, litigation assistant at Atherton Godfrey, states: “I have vast experience in dealing with these types of accident claims. In order to make a successful claim you will be required to prove the negligence of the Defendant. This negligence may be as a result of the poor maintenance of rides, inadequate safety testing, employee error or poor hygiene in food preparation areas leading to food poisoning.

Families who visit theme parks and fairgrounds should expect to enjoy them safely. Some incidents at theme parks and fairgrounds could easily be prevented if all applicable health and safety standards are followed. Operators and owners have a duty to ensure customers are kept safe.

It is simply not acceptable for ride operators and owners to cut health and safety measures. Rides should provide customers with the illusion of danger but in reality should be free from it.”