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Missed scaphoid fracture compensation

Mr P was employed a gas fitter when he injured his hand during a game of football. He went to Blackpool Victoria Hospital to have his injury checked over. There he was examined and x-rayed and told he would be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

After a few weeks the swelling and pain had subsided. He still had problems with his hand, but thought that would more than likely improve over time.

It didn’t. For almost two years, he had constant pain in his wrist. The pain got so bad that he was unable to carry on as an engineer and had to take a desk job instead.

One day he suddenly found he couldn’t move his hand at all. He went back to the hospital, where his hand was x-rayed again. This time the x-ray revealed a scaphoid fracture that had been missed by the first x-ray.

Over the next few months Mr P saw several specialists but each gave him a different diagnosis and conflicting advice, which only served to add to his distress.

Further tests revealed that the delay in diagnosing the fracture had resulted in a cyst growing between the broken bones; something that would likely need a bone graft.

As a result, Mr P lost his job as an engineer, a job he had qualified for and enjoyed doing. He also faces further surgery in the future.