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Law staff in for a rough night’s sleep

Author: Gail Harris

Four ladies from Atherton Godfrey will be sleeping rough in a bid to help raise awareness of the plight of the homeless on our streets.

The team are all geared up to take part in the YMCA Sleep Easy Week and plan to sleep out on Friday 10 March in an organised event at St Peter in Chains in Doncaster.

Maria James, a trainee legal executive with the firm, was so moved by the growing numbers of homeless on Doncaster’s streets, that she felt she wanted to try and do something to help. After seeing the YMCA advert for the sleep easy Maria decided to join in the campaign. Colleagues, Lucy Baker, Joanne Caffrey and Rebecca Cooke were quick to volunteer to join Maria in the sleep-out.

Volunteers pledge to raise at least £50 each through sponsorship, money that will go to help local YMCA services to get young people off the street and rebuild their life.

Maria commented: “I wanted to do the YMCA Sleep Easy as homelessness is a big thing in Doncaster. People make assumptions about homeless people but it’s not always a simple and clear-cut reason why they are in that situation.

“People from all walks of life have ended up on the streets for a variety of reasons. I wanted to raise awareness of the fact that it could happen to anyone, at any time and anything that can be done to help people get out of the situation should be done. It’s one night out of my life that could have a life changing impact on somebody else’s.”

The national campaign, in which the YMCA asks supporters to ‘sleep out so others don’t have to’, has been running since 2010 and sleep easy volunteers have so far managed to raise over £1m for the charity.