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Unnecessary surgery carried out at Spire Parkway

Private hospital Spire Parkway in the West Midlands is once more under scrutiny regarding the care and treatment provided by consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Habib Rahman.

Communications have been made to over 200 patients who received shoulder manipulation surgery from Mr Rahman over fears of carrying out unnecessary operations. The hospital is urging patients to undertake a free consultation with an independent orthopaedic surgeon so that the care they received from Mr Rahman can be reviewed as to whether that treatment was appropriate and assess their recovery post-operatively.

These further allegations follow the conviction of breast surgeon, Mr Ian Paterson, who performed unnecessary operations for no medically justifiable reason at the same hospital. Mr Paterson was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

Others who feel they have received similar care from Mr Habib Rahman, or any other surgeon at the hospital, may contact us using the details below. It may be that the treatment received at the private Spire Parkway was referred and provided through the NHS.

If you have any concerns about the standard of care of any other medical treatment you have received, for a confidential chat about your options, call 01302 320621 or email