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Did you know you can gift your loyalty card earnings?

Most of us now have numerous loyalty cards we carry round with us and faithfully present every time we make a purchase in the relevant store.

In fact, £5.7 billion is credited each year to loyalty cards. On average, people are a member of 5 different schemes in which they accumulate £122 annually. If money earned is not spent it could amount to a substantial sum over time.

But what happens to this money when someone dies?

The Independent recently conducted a survey of the most popular schemes. The answers showed there was no consistency between different scheme providers.

Boots Advantage card is one of the longest running schemes. This scheme allows members to pass their points to chosen beneficiaries. However, members should nominate a beneficiary during their lifetime by contacting the customer care team at or call 0345 124 4545.

Tesco and Nectar both say they will pay out to beneficiaries even if they haven’t been notified about beneficiaries in advance. Certain procedures may need to be followed and Nectar said they will assess the documentation required as proof in each individual case.

Points collected on an M&S Sparks card or an Avios card, are not generally transferable. M&S state that Sparks “is a programme designed for an individual’s connection with M&S”. However, M&S say they are continually reviewing their scheme and Avios say there may be instances where an individual is entitled to the balance but this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

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