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Thinking of buying property at auction?

You pick up the auctioneers brochure and stare at the wealth of bargains – but are they as good as you think they are?

Properties are usually auctioned for a reason; either the seller wants a quick completion or it’s an unusual property, or there’s some issue with it. In my years acting for auction buyers, the number of times I’ve heard “I just bought it, I didn’t look at the documents” is astounding.

People have even made bids without knowing anything about the property. Remember, once that hammer falls the property is yours – warts and all. You are deemed to be buying with full knowledge.

With some properties you are not even allowed to view before the auction, so you really have no idea what’s inside, if anything. You might be buying a much bigger problem than you think.

So, for the sake of a phone call or an email, let us check the legal pack for you and give you peace of mind that when you catch the eye of the auctioneer, that your bid is in safe hands.

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