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Tata Steel fined for Health and Safety Breach

Tata Steel were fined after one of their employees, who worked on the production line, got his hand trapped between two steel pinch rolls.
The accident occurred because no guarding had been fitted to the machine he was working on. The employee, who had worked for Tata Steel in South Wales, for 34 years, suffered serious crush injuries to his left hand. He lost half of two of his fingers as they were so badly damaged they had to be amputated.
The case was heard at Llanelli Magistrates Court and a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Inspector commented afterwards that it was a completely preventable accident. The failure of TATA Steel UK to properly assess their equipment meant that an employee now had to face a future with a permanent physical impairment.
This type of breach of Health and Safety legislation by an employer allows the injured employee to claim compensation for their injuries.
Tata Steel UK were prosecuted for their breach, and although a prosecution isn’t necessary to bring a claim for compensation, when a prosecution does take place, it can only strengthen the claim for compensation as their responsibility for the accident has already been proven.
If you have been involved in an accident at work and you have been injured you should speak to a specialist personal injury solicitor who can advise you about making a claim for compensation.

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