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The perils of following a mobile phone app

It’s safe to say that most people rely on some form of digital help when navigating unfamiliar places. However, blindly following your sat nav could land you in some hot water, as two cyclists found out in two separate incidents.
The first cyclist was seen on the M25 motorway and filmed by police cameras as he crossed a number of slip roads from the hard shoulder, before being intercepted by a policeman. When stopped, the cyclist was not aware that cycling on the motorway was illegal and had been looking for a short cut to get him home from work.
He had typed in his address to his mobile phone and had not pressed the button to show he was riding a bicycle. As a result, the navigation app did not avoid the motorway and he did not consider that cycling on a motorway was dangerous.
The cyclist caused chaos and tailbacks on the motorway, as the police had to close several lanes to bring the cyclist to a halt.
A week later, another cyclist was found riding on the M3 near Chertsey. This cyclist had also been using his iPhone app for his journey, and again, had not pressed the button to indicate that he was not driving a car.The police sent a van out to the cyclist, who by this time had already stopped. The police put him and his bike in the police van and took him off the motorway to safety.
Both cyclists were given an on the spot fine of £50 for contravening a road sign and advice on cycle safety.
Fortunately, neither case resulted in an injury for an unsuspecting driver but they both go to show just how easy it is to be involved in an accident through no fault of your own.
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