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The problem with DIY wills

The problem is that DIY Wills can only provide an off-the-peg solution for Will-making, meaning that they won’t necessarily suit everyone’s needs and circumstances. If the Will is filled out badly or certain information is not included, it can be deemed invalid. If that happens, the rules of intestacy apply; the estate is treated as if the deceased had no Will at all, and is shared out according to set principles. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you will ever know there’s an issue, because it will only come to light after your death.
Reasons a will may be deemed invalid
There are several common reasons a will might  be invalid
Depending on your situation a huge amount of information can be necessary, and a DIY Will simply may not prepare you for filling this all out correctly – especially if you have no legal training. If your wishes are unclear, or you use the wrong terminology, there is room for doubt and therefore grounds to contest the Will.
Failure to sign the Will correctly, invalidates the Will.
Challenging a Will is not a trivial matter, but the incidence of such cases has risen markedly in recent years.
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