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Thinking of getting divorced online?

In many cases, though, a divorce sought online can be a false economy and you should always consult an experienced solicitor to help you think through any implications you might have missed. Moreover, many companies offering divorce forms appear to do so without the relevant qualifications or accreditation, potentially raising serious problems for you down the line.Online divorce companies typically offer a “quickie” divorce, promising that you will have to pay minimum costs and won’t have to go to court under certain circumstances – usually if you agree:

the reasons for the divorce
arrangements for looking after any children
how you will divide possessions, property and money.

Unfortunately, there are often hidden costs in the process. More worryingly, the wrong forms are sometimes provided; without proper legal representation, couples do not realise this until it is too late. This is unsurprising, since many of these companies offer court forms without any involvement from a qualified lawyer. Financial arrangements in a divorce may be complex. One issue that has been highlighted in the past with respect to online divorces is the omission of financial claims within the petition. Contrary to popular opinion, financial commitments do not end with the decree absolute. The courts have an obligation to consider assets acquired both before and during the marriage, and even after the divorce, in some cases.An online divorce can seem like a low-cost and low-stress way of finalising your separation. Unfortunately, if mistakes are made or financial arrangements are not made properly, with the advice of an experienced lawyer, claims can arise months or years after the divorce was apparently settled.
Online divorce is a largely unregulated business and many of the firms offering it do not have access to reliable legal advice. For your security and peace of mind, you should always consult a legal representative who is registered with the Solicitor Regulation Authority – they are the only people qualified to give legal advice on this or any other area of law.
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