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Unregulated will writers leave public vulnerable

Approximately 180,000 Wills are written by non-lawyers every year, and as such they are exempt from complaints to the Legal Ombudsman, the regulatory body that deals with complaints about solicitors.Unfortunately therefore, when things go wrong, there is no redress against such Will writers, leaving members of the public vulnerable. The Legal Ombudsman has now called on the government to regulate such non lawyer Will writers and their recent report stated that the market was “suffering from a number of quality issues.”Although the Ministry of Justice acknowledges that there is room for improvement, it is understood that further regulation is not likely to be the best way forward.Until there is some form of regulation and redress for when things do go wrong, using a regulated service provider, such as a solicitor will ensure that your Will is correctly written and validly signed.  If there is a problem later, you would be able to seek redress via the Legal Ombudsman.
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