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Updated rehabilitiation guidelines aim to improve treatment for accident victims

The insurance industry has published a new code for use in personal injury cases, aimed at streamlining treatment for victims of accident and illness who require rehabilitation.
The updated document is the third iteration of the original code, which was published in 1999, and was formulated by industry experts with input from NHS practitioners, legal representatives and the International Underwriting Association. It is a voluntary code of practice, but seeks to ensure that claimants receive the best possible treatment.
One of the major developments from earlier versions is that claimants in low-value cases (defined as under £25,000) should receive rehabilitation promptly, and therefore the guide aims to streamline the process by which help is accessed. To those ends, claimants and defendants are encouraged to work together to reach solutions quickly, avoiding cases being dragged out over the long term – which can prove more costly and detrimental to the health of the claimant, as critical issues are not addressed at the point when they can be dealt with most effectively.
In more complex and high-value cases, clinicians and case managers are urged to work together. A separate guide for rehab case managers has also been published at the same time, by the same group responsible for the rehab code.
Thus together, the new publications raise the hope that victims of personal injury will receive prompt and effective care, benefiting both them directly and the insurance industry which will see more straightforward claims.

Diane Parker, partner and head of personal injury at Atherton Godfrey, said: “As personal injury specialists, we handle claims for victims around the country and we know how important it is that claimants are able to access the rehabilitation services they need quickly. The primary aim of the compensation process is to get the victim back to the position they were before the accident, or as close as possible. We welcome any moves that will speed up the rehabilitation process.”  

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