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Hundreds left suffering after vaginal mesh surgery

Hundreds of women have been left in severe pain and discomfort following surgery to insert vaginal mesh and are now seeking compensation.

Vaginal mesh implants are used to treat women who have suffered a vaginal prolapse or incontinence following childbirth. However, many have been left with serious symptoms and new guidelines recommend that vaginal mesh surgery is now only used in limited circumstances.

The procedure involved the mesh being implanted into the pelvis to support organs and damaged tissue. Once the mesh was in place, new tissue would grow around it to give further support. Unfortunately, the mesh has often been inserted incorrectly leaving patients with severe back or pelvic pain, bleeding, infections and incontinence problems. Many women now need to have the mesh removed but this can be a difficult process if new tissue has already grown.

New guidelines from NICE now recommend that surgery is a last option, with other non-surgical treatments being tried first. The guidelines also stress the importance of obtaining informed consent from patients, them having a proper understanding of the possible side effects of the treatment.

If you have been affected by vaginal mesh treatment you may be entitled to compensation. If the mesh has been incorrectly placed or you were not given full details of possible side effects, we may be able to help. Contact us for no obligation advice. Call 01302 320621 or email  

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