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War veteran chokes to death in hospital bed

Roddy MacDonald suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, which made it difficult for him to eat or swallow. This meant that his meals had to be mashed or soft to prevent him from choking. However, he was given beef goulash at Gartnavel hospital, and when he tried to eat the meal, he choked.
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which runs Gartnavel, accepted that there had been failings in Mr MacDonald’s treatment. They reported that since the tragedy, the health board has improved labelling of modified meals on patient menus and the help available for the people eating them.
Mr MacDonald’s family took every precaution to protect his wellbeing by detailing his needs on a laminated board, which they gave to the hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital lost the notes.
His family received compensation for his death but maintained that “…to think he was killed by the neglect of the people who were supposed to be caring for him is hard to take.”
For the most part, hospitals do a great job in caring for their patients. However, as Mr MacDonald’s case has shown, they make mistakes – like losing Mr MacDonald’s care notes which had been carefully prepared by his family and given to the hospital – that lead to tragic results. Such mistakes reveal lapses in the care and attention given to patients and demonstrate the importance of getting redress for the families involved to ensure those lapses do not happen again.Are you concerned about the level of care of a loved one in hospital? Speak to us. We are medical negligence solicitors and can give you the advice you need. Call us today on 01302 320621.

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