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Wearable technology to reduce workplace injury

One of the companies at the forefront of this movement, dorsaVi, has recently introduced a system of sensors to be worn by patients with chronic back pain. These feed information back to clinicians about muscle activity and spinal movement – enabling them to design tailored treatment plans to address problems. The device has already been used in a number of sectors to identify employees at risk of back pain and injury, as well as improving productivity; similar technology is currently being used by athletes and by professional football players. The ViSafe system “gives a clear picture of how employees are moving during a task – how long they spend bending, leaning, in good postures, bad postures, sitting at their desk and walking around. This data can be used to pinpoint those tasks that are creating high risks of injury,” said Andrew Ronchi, dorsaVi’s chief executive. Back pain and other forms of musculo-skeletal injury are a major problem in the workplace. For many people, issues arise from poor posture at their desks and hours spent in unsuitable seats in front of the computer. These problems can be largely mitigated by ensuring adequate lumbar support and better positioning of keyboards and computer equipment.For warehouse workers, whose jobs entail heavy lifting, proper technique is critical. Back injuries are the most common forms of injury caused by manual handling (though injuries to feet and arms are also common). According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), manual handling is responsible for over a third of injuries that result in an absence from work of three days or more. These injuries come with a significant price tag to employers and the economy as a whole, so dorsaVi’s device and other similar technology have the potential to benefit a wide range of businesses and individuals. Back pain alone costs £2 billion per year in NHS bills and absenteeism. In 2013/14 there were a total of 526,000 work-related musculo-skeletal disorders, resulting in around 8.3 million lost work days – or 16 days per incident. Have you been affected by a workplace injury? Talk to us. We are experienced personal injury specialists and can give you the expert guidance you need. Call 01302 320621 or email

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