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Who benefits without a will?

Less than half the UK population have a Will, but what happens then – who benefits?
The rules of intestacy say who is able to deal with your money and property if you die without a Will (intestate).
Often, if you don’t have any close relatives that are easily traceable, the local authority may be the ones who have to sort out your funeral, and deal with your estate as far as they can. 
In addition, if relatives can’t be traced, the estate is bona vacantia meaning vacant goods and is the name given to ownerless property. Such property by law passes to the Crown.
A thorough search then has to be made to try and trace any living relatives, which will often cost thousands of pounds, which has to be paid from the estate.
By making a Will, you have Executors appointed who are responsible for arranging the funeral and collecting all the assets, and  then distributing such assets to the beneficiaries who you have named in your Will.
Professionals and friends can be appointed as Executors, and your estate left to whomever you would wish, including charities. 
Vicky Sladdin, specialist wills and probate solicitor, said: “ I have dealt with cases of intestacy which have cost thousands of pounds to sort out. Making a Will makes things much more straightforward, and can save a lot of time, trouble and expense.  Ultimately, it is much better to keep control of who benefits from your estate than leaving it to chance by relying on the Rules of Intestacy”.

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