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Who can inherit if there is no will?

If you die without making a Will, known as dying intestate, there are specific rules that govern how your property will be distributed to your relatives. This means that you have no say in who receives your property, and that family members you might have believed would inherit something would not.The rules state that if a person dies intestate, only their spouse or civil partner and a few close relatives can inherit. If there is a Will but it is deemed invalid, the rules of intestacy apply.Only partners who are still married or in a civil partnership will inherit. If they are divorced or the civil partnership has been legally dissolved, they do not qualify. Couples who were informally separated at the time of death¬† will still benefit under the rules of intestacy. Married or civil partners will inherit the belongings and estate of their deceased spouse or civil partner subject to certain limitations dependent on the value of the estate and other living relatives such as children. This can result in your estate being distributed in a way you wouldn’t have wanted.
The only way you can be certain that your wishes are carried out is by making a Will and consulting a solicitor to do this to ensure that it is correctly done and reflects your wishes accurately.
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