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Wife secretly films husband’s neglect at hospital

Binny Clarke, a former nurse, secretly filmed the treatment of her husband over a period of 10 days at a hospital, when he told her that he was “dying here”.
She claimed that her family complained to the staff several times about his treatment, and she decided to film him secretly after she discovered him in the toilet, sobbing about his alleged treatment.
Mr Clarke, the director of an IT company, suffered a severe brain haemorrhage when he collapsed at work and was sent to the hospital for rehabilitation.
The secret video showed a nurse cleaning Mr Clarke’s feeding tube with a pen and staff giving him drinks, despite Mrs Clarke’s claims that he was on a ‘strictly nil-by-mouth’ diet.
Mr Clarke’s family made 26 complaints to Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust, which manages the unit, of which 22 have been upheld. In the aftermath of the complaint, three members of staff were suspended immediately, pending detailed investigations.
As a patient at the hopsital, Mr Clarke had the right to expect professional standards of care. His wife filmed his treatment because she believed that those professional standards had not been maintained towards her husband.
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