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Wobbly Wednesday

When Rebecca Cooke, a clerical supervisor at Atherton Godfrey asked her colleagues if they would join in Wobbly Wednesday to help raise funds for nystagmus research – they were only too happy to help.

Staff throughout the firm joined Rebecca’s mum in making cakes and a sale around the office raised over £100 for the charity.

Wobbly Wednesday is an international campaign, run by the Nystagmus Network, aimed at raising awareness of the condition. It’s something that’s close to Rebecca’s heart, as her brother Finlay, who will be 6 this month, was diagnosed with the condition at around 11 months old.

Nystagmus causes a constant and uncontrolled movement of the eyes that makes them look like they are wobbling. It’s more common in children than adults and affects around 1 in every 1,000 people.

Rebecca said: “We didn’t know anything about nystagmus when Finlay was first diagnosed; we did research ourselves. Once we knew about the condition, we could push for the things we needed to help Finlay develop.

Having nystagmus means that Finlay has problems with his vison that varies throughout the day. It gets worse when he’s tired, anxious or unwell, and that makes his eyes move even more.

He will often tilt his head to one side to see things better and it means he has to be extra careful going down steps or kerbs because he can’t always gauge the depth because his 3D perception isn’t very good either.”

The future is uncertain for the little boy, as he may need to have occupational therapy to help develop his fine motor skills and his delayed reaction could mean that he will never be able to drive.

Rebecca added: “Despite all this, Finlay is such a happy little boy. He loves music and really enjoys playing with his Lego, which is surprising because they’re such small pieces but it’s good for his fine motor skills.”

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