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Woman left permanently scarred by dentist

Jade Blinco, a 24-year-old nursery worker was left permanently scarred by a dentist’s drill after having her wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic. When she woke up after the procedure, she was in terrible pain and was told that the dentist’s drill had overheated and caused her lip to sustain a serious burn.
Miss Blinco has been told that she will need plastic surgery on her lip to try to improve the appearance of the scar. However, it is unlikely that it will ever look the same as it did prior to her operation.
When Miss Blinco went into the nursery where she worked to hand in her sick note, the children were upset by what had happened to her. They were also scared of the scar, as it was in such a prominent position on her face. This caused her to feel extremely upset and, as a result, to decide that she could no longer work there.
In addition to her work in a nursery, Miss Blinco was an aspiring model. She says that no modelling agency will even consider her now because of the scar on her face, and that her injury has effectively ended her career as a model.
Birmingham NHS Trust has now admitted responsibility for Miss Blinco’s injuries. The senior surgeon gave her an apology right after the surgery, and this was echoed with another apology in writing from the chief executive of the Hospital Trust.
While all hand tools used in dental procedures have now been changed to ensure this cannot happen again, this is too little too late for Miss Blinco, especially since the Trust was already aware that the tools being used were prone to overheating because another patient had already been burnt.
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