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Worker paralysed after being crushed between lorries

As a result, a £250,000 fine has been issued to two haulage companies by the courts after the HGV driver was paralysed from the chest down. The injured man, who is 51 years old and does not want to be named, cannot use his arms and his sight has been affected as a result of the brain injury he suffered in the accident.

The HGV driver had loaded his vehicle at the loading bay and had pulled forward in order to close the doors of his trailer. As he was at the back of his vehicle closing the doors, another vehicle reversed next to the loading bay and into the area where he was standing, leaving him trapped between the two vehicles.

The injured worker was employed by H&M Distribution, who rented the haulage yard from HE Payne Transport. Investigations by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after the accident discovered that there was no vehicle movement procedure in place for the haulage yard.

Following the accident, both H&M Distribution and HE Payne Transport were issued with improvement notices from the HSE to implement exclusion zones and safe vehicle movement procedures, so that staff and vehicles could operate and move in a safe way.

Implementing a safe movement policy should be a requirement in an environment where vehicles are on the move. Both companies failed to recognise the risks involved and, as such, did not protect their employees.

H&M Distribution, who directly employed the injured worker, was ordered to pay £150,000 in fines, and costs of £14,000. HE Payne Transport was fined £100,000 and also ordered to pay costs of £14,000 for breaching the Health and Safety At Work Act.

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