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Worker paralysed in fall from height

The man, who does not want to be identified, fell eight metres whilst connecting a temporary electricity supply. He lost his balance and fell through a gap, where a window had been removed.
The fall resulted in a damaged spinal cord, causing paralysis from the waist down. The man is no longer able to work, and is having to come to terms with the massive changes in his lifestyle.
Southwark Crown Court heard the case involving Habitat Construction LLP. They were carrying out work to two Victorian hostels and had no sensible or methodical approach to the work or to the removal of windows from the property.
Carrying out the major works on the properties involved the construction company demolishing parts of the buildings, rebuilding some sections and refurbishing others. This meant that the windows were removed at random times, but nothing was put over the gaps to secure them and it was this that led to the accident.
The court heard that Habitat Construction LLP had put all employees at risk of serious injury by not covering the windows and that the resulting life changing injury to the employee who fell was completely preventable. The company was fined £110,000 for breaches to the Health and Safety at Work Act and ordered to pay court costs of £16,000.
In addition to these costs, the injured worker will also be able to pursue a claim for compensation from his employers.
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