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Yogathon comes to town

The event, taking place on Saturday 14 June, will include 12 yoga classes with 12 teachers over 12 hours. There will also be yoga related talks, mini workshops, stalls raffles and a spectacle not to be missed will be the 108 SUN SALUTATION CHALLENGE.
Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskara, is a series of 12 postures that involve stretching first one side of the body and then the other. It is said to be the ideal Yoga workout and improves flexibility, posture, breathing and digestion. The number 108 has been a sacred number for centuries in different cultures.
Yoga is growing in popularity and Atherton Godfrey staff have been enjoying weekly Yoga classes, delivered by Aurora, for the past few months and have already helped to raise over £200 for the charity through class fees. This is helping to support local men and women affected by cancer and their families.
Diane Parker, partner and head of personal injury, said: “We thoroughly enjoy the yoga sessions and have found them to be really beneficial. Each class is structured in such a way that anyone, of any ability, can take part.”
Atherton Godfrey will be sponsoring the 108 Sun Salutation Challenge and Diane, added: “Our classes generally do three rounds of Sun Salutations and we certainly feel that we’ve had a good work out, so we can appreciate the enormous amount of stamina, physical fitness and extremely large dose of determination that will be needed to do 108!”

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