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You Tube video gets biker a driving ban

The motorcyclist was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, for filming himself only just avoiding a head-on collision on the notorious Cat and Fiddle road in the Peak District.
Jack Sanderson, aged 22, hit a fence running alongside the road after managing to avoid the head-on collision with a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. You can see the video footage he filmed here
After the near miss, Mr Sanderson posted the video on You Tube (where it became an instant hit), saying that it was a warning to other motorcyclists.
However, Mr Sanderson’s video resulted in his prosecution for dangerous driving, a suspended prison sentence, a two-year ban from driving and 300 hours of unpaid work.
The A537, also known as the Cat and Fiddle, runs between Buxton and Macclesfield and is named after the Cat and Fiddle pub located along this road. The road is extremely popular with bikers because of its tight bends and undulations, and the beautiful views across the countryside.
Despite the beautiful scenery, the Cat and Fiddle is also known as the most dangerous road in the UK. Many road-safety initiatives have been introduced on this road, including a reduction in the speed limit to 50 mph and mobile speed cameras being used most weekends.
The Road Safety Foundation has been producing reports on the A537 since 2002. During this period, the road has come top in 67 per cent of reports, with 44 fatal or serious accidents taking place in only four years – an increase from 35 in the previous four years.
What is clear from Mr Sanderson’s video is that he was willing to risk his own life and that of others on the road by driving dangerously. Thankfully, this time, the only damage was to a farmer’s fence. The farmer has requested £1,000 in compensation for the damage.
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