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Young mum dies giving birth to stillborn son

On 19 May 2012, Carly Harper, who was 24 weeks pregnant, was admitted to Arrowe Park Hospital in Merseyside when her waters broke. She had developed life-threatening sepsis, and an ultrasound scan showed that her baby was dying, so doctors decided to induce birth.
Six hours later, after giving birth to a stillborn son, the 26-year-old mother was rushed to intensive care. The following day, she passed away from multiple organ failure.
Carly Harper’s family blames the hospital for medical negligence, which they say resulted in the young mother’s death. They claim that delays by staff in delivering the baby caused Miss Harper’s severe sepsis to deteriorate to the point that her bodily organs were no longer able to function and sustain her life.
An inquest has been opened at Wirral Coroner’s Court. The Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is adamant that Miss Harper’s death was not caused by the obstetric treatment provided to her. However, they admitted that there had been a delay in inducing Miss Harper’s labour, and that they did not administer the second antibiotic on time. But they also stated that those events did not contribute to Miss Harper’s death.
The Serious Incident Report, which was produced by the Trust, revealed several failings in Miss Harper’s case, including the obstetric team’s inability to respond to the patient’s extremely serious condition with the required urgency. This lack of immediate response resulted in wasted time for Miss Harper.
The family has agreed a settlement, and the inquest into Miss Harper’s death is to be held.
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