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Young mum left with brain damage after hospital misses meningitis

Clare Day (29), was first admitted to Bristol Royal Infirmary in December 2009 with symptoms of a tight chest, vomiting, headaches, breathing difficulties and regular fainting. She was assured that it was a minor illness and released, despite the fact that an X-ray showed a shadow on her lung.
However, her condition continued to deteriorate. She returned to hospital but was repeatedly sent home with a minor diagnosis.
In April 2010, five months and several hospital admissions after Ms Day had first complained about her symptoms, doctors realised the seriousness of her condition.
An emergency scan showed that she was suffering from an unusual form of meningitis, called tuberculosis meningitis. However, it was too late. Her body had started to shut down owing to a lack of oxygen, resulting in permanent brain damage. The doctors had to fit a shunt in her head to help decompress the brain from the fluid that had surrounded Ms Day’s spinal cord and brain.
Ms Day’s ability to process information is now significantly impaired, and she needs 24/7 care. She is unable to attend to her own needs or to the needs of her son, whose upbringing is left to Ms Day’s mother, Elaine Nikolovski.
After a lengthy legal battle, Ms Day was finally awarded a six-figure compensation payment by the hospital trust in order to cover the costs of her future care, which will be highly demanding. The trust admitted having missed opportunities to identify the disease and to treat it. Had Ms Day’s illness been diagnosed earlier, proper care and treatment could have been administered, and her quality of life would most likely be very different now.
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